Consulting & Design



NTI stays at the forefront of technology and business trends, garnering a reputation for industry-leading systems integration knowledge and trust. Using in-house, industry-certified, and manufacturer-trained design engineers, we work directly with clients and their consultants through the design phase.   With early engagement and effective communication, NTI engineers listen and provide a unique industry perspective to ensure your requirements are clearly identified, documented and addressed very early in the design process.  This approach can shorten the project life cycle, lower costs and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Our consulting teams were established to guide, inform and empower our clients in leveraging contemporary practices and emerging technologies to improve their operations and continually strengthen their business. We are committed to a multidisciplinary approach that is highly effective in defining business requirements and pairing that with operational and technical solutions.

Our team takes a best practices approach for each client resulting in a custom-tailored solution to meet your specific objectives. We can target either segments of your operation or the greater enterprise as a whole.

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