Digital Signage

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Digital signage, sometimes called electronic signage, refers to display technologies like LED walls (or video walls), projection and LCD monitors to vividly display webpages, videos, directions, marketing messages, or digital images.

Ideal for a wide variety of different settings – corporate spaces, public spaces, museums, arenas, academic buildings, and more – it is often used for wayfinding, messaging, marketing and advertising.

Digital signage in the workplace is an effective tactic to engage your employees and impress visitors. It’s also a modern way to share content in conference rooms, hallways, lobbies, cafes and any other type of open spaces. Plus, the possibilities are practically endless.

NTI’s digital signage services include installation, training and support for any type of system. Whether you’re welcoming clients, providing product and wayfinding information, managing wait times or trying to increase sales, we provide turnkey digital signage systems to promote your visual communications.

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